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I Write in Cursive

BACK WHEN KEVIN ABERGEL was working at MGI on the JETvarnish 3D press, the manufacturer was going to market with its first digital embellishment press. To get some human insight, Abergel wanted to know what people on the street thought of tactile embellishments. Not people who knew printing, marketing or even design, but regular people …

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As Privacy Policies Tighten, What’s Next For Marketing?

In many ways, developing an effective marketing strategy is a balancing act between collecting useful and detailed information and respecting customers’ privacy. With the advent of stricter privacy policies and even laws, marketers need to be aware of the options currently available and their implications.     One of the biggest privacy-related shifts in the marketing …

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Following The Heard

Any discussions surrounding the intricacies of marketing eventually fall around the theory that to truly be a leader, you must have the courage and creativity to step outside of the box. Staying in the box implies playing within the boundaries. Reshma H. Shah believes it is best if you think about the theory a little …

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Customer Spotlight: Xtrac

As the automotive and motorsports industry undergoes a number of shifts, it’s companies like Xtrac that keep pushing the technology forward.   Xtrac’s Indianapolis location is just one of multiple operations for the UK-based company. Specializing in the production of high-performance transmissions for professional motorsport and high-performance automotive uses, Xtrac supplies equipment to many of …

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Stand Out with Standees

If you’ve ever been to any public event, chances are you’ve come across standees. These full-size, stand-up, easel-backed displays are a common marketing tool for brands at any event. You might see them used as life-size images of a celebrity spokesperson or giant product images to really catch the eye. Because standees are simple and …

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