Choosing the Right Partner for Outdoor Pole Banners

Outdoor advertising and branding encompass plenty of different solutions, but pole banners are one option that truly stands out for both visibility and effectiveness. These banners, typically hung from light poles or street posts, are an effective way to capture attention from both pedestrians and drivers. Their eye-catching presence on main thoroughfares makes them ideal for promotional campaigns, informational signage, and other communications.

To ensure your banners live up to your standards, you’ll need a reliable partner to bring your ideas to life. Here are a few of the most important factors to consider when selecting your print and promotional partner.


Quality Materials

Outdoor pole banners are exposed to various weather conditions, including sun, rain, wind, and pollution. High-quality materials ensure that your banners can withstand these conditions without fading, tearing, detaching, or wearing down prematurely. Look for partners who offer durable, UV-resistant fabrics and inks so that your banners – and the messages on them – can remain vibrant and intact for longer periods.


Printing Technology

Quality materials are only half the equation – the other side is the technology used to print your projects. Advanced printing techniques and equipment produce high-resolution, crisp images; vibrant and accurate color reproduction; and color fastness to ensure durability for outdoor graphics. Ask your potential printing partners about their print equipment and techniques.


Customization Options

Every campaign or event is unique, and your pole banners should reflect that. A good production partner will offer various customization options, including sizes, substrates, shapes, and mounting options, to fit your specific needs and the physical environment(s) where they’ll be displayed.


End-to-End Support

Producing pole banners is a complex process with many moving parts; you need a print and production partner who can provide expert support from start to finish. Look for a partner that can provide design support, optimizing your ideas for wide-format outdoor displays, as well as timely fabrication and professional, secure installation services. These full-range support ensures that your banners are visually appealing, securely displayed, and compliant with any local regulations and safety standards, all with just one, streamlined point of communication.


Reliable Customer Service and Communication

Along with their technical abilities, your printing partner’s customer service is critical to building a successful working relationship and achieving your goals. Look for a company that is proactive in communications, responsive, transparent about costs and timelines, and willing to go the extra mile to meet your needs.


The Priority Graphics Difference

At Priority Graphics, we understand the complex and unique needs of outdoor graphics projects like pole banners. Our wide format experts are here to help you ensure your banners are visually appealing, attention-grabbing, durable, safe, and cost-effective. We’ll work as a true partner to align with your quality standards, design vision, and brand values.

We’ve earned the trust of many partners over the years, for projects both big and small. We even collaborated with Butler University when they hosted March Madness in 2021, producing banner graphics to highlight the big event! You can see more of the photos below.

When you have an outdoor graphics project, count on Priority to bring your vision to life with an eye on quality, communication, and creativity. Contact us to learn more.


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