Customer Spotlight: Xtrac

As the automotive and motorsports industry undergoes a number of shifts, it’s companies like Xtrac that keep pushing the technology forward.


Xtrac’s Indianapolis location is just one of multiple operations for the UK-based company. Specializing in the production of high-performance transmissions for professional motorsport and high-performance automotive uses, Xtrac supplies equipment to many of the top teams and companies in the automotive space. The company designs, manufactures and assembles all of their transmissions in-house, thanks to the latest design and analysis tools, plus state-of-the-art machining, assembly, and test equipment.


Just how well respected is Xtrac and its team of expert designers, engineers, machinists, and more? The company’s expertise has been called upon time and time again by the world’s top motorsports teams, from major factory entrants to teams racing in “one make” championships and technology regulated competitions.


Conversations about sustainability and environmental concerns have moved to the forefront in many industries, especially in the automotive world, and Xtrac is there to help lead the way. One way in which the automotive world is working towards a more sustainable future is in slowly moving away from the traditional, internal combustion engines and towards hybrid and electric vehicles. Xtrac is consistently developing and producing transmission projects that help to guide the industry in this new direction while maintaining an excellent performance quality. In fact, in 2021, Xtrac supplied the first electric transmission to complete a full event. Xtrac continues to invest in research and development, new machines, and new technology.


Xtrac isn’t just focused on the actual technology itself, but on the talented people who work to design and produce top-of-the-line products for any number of clients. To support the continued development of skilled workers, as well as to address issues like skills gaps and an aging workforce, Xtrac runs an Apprenticeship and Under Graduate program. Training in areas including manufacturing, engineering, team leaders, and production engineers, these programs focus on developing the next generation of industry leaders.


Much like Xtrac, Priority Graphics works to support great brands and teams with quality products and cutting-edge technology.


“As a global supplier, providing our technology to the top levels of motorsport and automotive industries, our branding is very important,” said Jeff Kitchen, General Manager at Xtrac. “Priority Group enables us to exploit our leadership role in the industries we serve, by providing outstanding graphics to our support vehicles.  The technology, quality, workmanship and value Priority Group provides mirrors Xtrac’s philosophy, and it shows at every event we attend.”


Priority Graphics is proud to partner with Xtrac on vehicle wraps for their fleet.


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