Make a Statement with Customized Packaging and Tags

Make a Statement: Customized Packaging and Tags

One of the first things you see when you get a swag box or corporate gift is the package itself. Those elements are your first chance to make a great impression on your audience. Shifting from plain packaging to a creative presentation is an important first step to build an emotional connection with your audience.

Research has suggested a five-part gifting “experience”: preparation (picking out the gift), exchange (the actual givingand receiving), reveal (unwrapping and first seeing the gift), use (actually using the gift), and reflection/reciprocation (the recipient considering the meaning and how to return the sentiment). These five steps help to define the relationship embodied by the exchange of gifts. For corporate gifting, these steps represent the process by which companies determine what to gift, to whom, and how to present it – and, ideally, earn “reciprocation” in the form of customer loyalty and their continued business.

Creative packaging helps to make the “reveal” part of the process more exciting, building anticipation for the gift itself. Everyone loves getting mail, but when you get a package that’s colorful, embellished, or otherwise eye-catching, you feel an extra burst of enthusiasm and excitement to see what’s inside. When there’s a sense of joy in simply opening the box, that joy suffuses every interaction with the brand.

That same enthusiasm can also help increase your brand’s online profile! We’ve all seen “unboxing” videos across social media, which can create even more positive – and organic  impressions of your brand and your products. Cute, creative packaging can make it more likely that people will want to share unboxing videos, which in turn can expose your brand to more people who might not have encountered it otherwise – and who will start off with a positive impression thanks to that video!

Creative embellishments are an easy way to give your packaging a visual boost, helping it to stand out and make an impression. The Priority Group offers multiple embellishment techniques, including unique inks and even tactile options, to produce packaging and the contents inside make a statement, including:
• Engraving
• Embossing
• Foil stamping
• UV print
• Special effects

One cost effective option to create branded packaging is by encasing a standard box in a sleeve. UV offset printing, in addition to being fast-drying and scuff-resistant, offers special effect options such as:
• High-gloss coating for added shine and protection
• High impact strike-through effects combining dull
varnishes with spot gloss UV
• Reticulated varnished to add texture and interest
• Options for soft-touch effects

Each of these packaging embellishment solutions offers a different style and a different approach to designing branded packaging and tags. It all depends on your individual brand identity, budget, and priorities – and the Priority team is here to help evaluate all those factors and create a packaging solution that works for you. Make a great impression from the very first moment.


Dive into the world of customized packaging, and see the difference for yourself.

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