Welcome to Priority Press, a Market Leader in Indianapolis Printing

Priority Press is one of a few Indianapolis printing companies that offers a wide variety of printing services under one roof all focused on helping you grow your business. To read more about the services we offer please read on.

Commercial Printing Experts

When it comes to commercial printing in Indianapolis, Priority Press is a market leader with the experience and expertise to complete your job in a worry-free atmosphere. We have a rigid process that we follow to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. Our goal is that you are satisfied not only with our process but more importantly with the product and services you receive.

Finishing and Binding Services

We have invested in a broad range of bindery equipment to meet the specific needs of your project. In fact, Priority Press has recently acquired a stand alone bindery company to augment our existing capacity and talent. Our bindery services team is cross trained on all our equipment to ensure your project is done quickly and correctly.

Direct Mail

At Priority Press, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver throughout the value chain. Our in-house, full service direct mail  capabilities provides the Priority Press customer the ability to efficiently mail its printed project directly to the target audience without the need for a middle man or unnecessary shipping and handling. Providing this capability allows our customers to deal with only one company thereby reducing contacts, eliminating confusion, lowering total costs and increasing time to ship.

Fulfillment Services

Priority Press Fulfillment Services provide our customers maximum cost savings, total flexibility and complete control capabilities. Maximum cost savings are achieved because higher print quantities are initially ordered therefore minimizing your overall unit cost and potentially saving a substantial sum of money. We initially send what you need, then store the remainder for future use. While this opportunity does not make sense in all cases, it is optimal for those projects that do not change over time and are consumed on a periodic basis.

Integrated Marketing Communications

At Priority Group, we know that what truly matters is generating a sales pipeline, closing business, and accelerating revenue. Period. We believe this so much that we created a marketing consulting practice with our own team of marketing experts to help you implement and manage your integrated marketing communication campaigns. Our proven methodology delivers real sales results based on buyer insights, market-driven best practices, and rapid feedback that improves and sustains your results.

Data Solutions

So many times today the term ‘Big Data’ is thrown about without a full understanding of what ‘Big Data’ truly is. Successful marketing doesn’t depend on the amount of data you have, it depends on how effective you are at using the data you have. That’s why smart marketers knows the foundation for any successful marketing strategy is good, solid data. Refining data through segmentation delivers relevant communications and targeted messaging.

Graphic Design

At Priority, we focus on your business objectives and your customers to build a design strategy that meets your goals. We design to reinforce your existing brand equity. We seek design solutions that are innovative, clear and connect with your target audience. To Priority, great design delivers authentic and compelling pieces that stand out, deliver the right message and make a favorable impression.

Priority Promotions

Priority Promotion’s goal is to provide promotional items including merchandise and apparel for business branding needs. We do this by utilizing our comprehensive network of manufacturing and industry partners to find the best products to promote your brand. We look at each client individually, examine their unique needs and tailor our services and products to provide them with outstanding solutions for their brand communication needs.