Stand Out with Standees

If you’ve ever been to any public event, chances are you’ve come across standees. These full-size, stand-up, easel-backed displays are a common marketing tool for brands at any event. You might see them used as life-size images of a celebrity spokesperson or giant product images to really catch the eye.

Because standees are simple and straightforward, they’re cost-effective and easy to transport and set up. Customizable and eye-catching, standees allow for enormous flexibility in design, all with a relatively easy process. Whether you’re looking to design an attention-grabbing display for a specific event or product or putting together a longer-term promotion, standees can be incorporated easily and take up as little or as much visual space as you need them to.

These low-cost marketing graphics can have a surprisingly high impact! It’s an affordable way to highlight the items or moments that can draw clients in and give them the chance to learn more about your business. Standees can be tailored to be a perfect social media moment, whether allowing guests to “pose” with a life-sized cutout of a person or using a cutout to allow guests to put their head through a hole for a fun photo op. The possibilities are endless. Consider just a few of the most common ways to use standees to stand out:

  • In-store signage to direct attention to an offer or featured product
  • Sporting events with standees showcasing mascots or star players
  • Lobby signs featuring a corporate mascot or spokesperson
  • Branded displays featuring a celebrity spokesperson or product images
  • Tradeshows displays highlighting featured products

Standees are high value, low-cost, and eye-catching with loads of uses. Internally, they serve as valuable reminders to communicate important points about corporate culture and values. Externally, they serve as mini billboards, promoting all types of marketing activities. Best of all, standees with life-sized people, gigantic products, or eye-grabbing images bring a bigger and bolder vibe, and in a world where you are competing for attention, bigger and bolder is often the best way to win!


Priority Graphics can produce standees in a wide variety of sizes, up to an approximate maximum of 7’-6” by 3’-6”.

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