Transforming Sidewalks into Branding Opportunities

Choosing Sidewalk Graphics

Sidewalk graphics are an interesting and sometimes even bold choice for businesses to use. They’re similar to floor graphics in the sense that they transform the surface we walk on into a canvas for branded messaging. This can range from directing foot traffic to promoting a special deal or event or just reminding passerby of your brand and location.

The difference, of course, is the location of those walking surfaces. Where “traditional” floor graphics are applied to flooring in stores, offices, tradeshow booths, and other interior locations, sidewalk graphics are designed for exterior use. They might go by alternate names, such as sidewalk film, sidewalk decals, or concrete stickers, but the idea is the same: using the sidewalk as a foundation for sharing something about your brand.

Like other forms of environmental graphics, sidewalk graphics work by producing subtle but memorable brand recognition as part of the prospective customer’s overall physical environment. Sidewalk graphics are often seen as something more “casual” or “street-level” than other forms of marketing. A branded graphic stuck to the sidewalk can often inspire more curiosity than a big billboard, since it feels less intrusive and probably can only “tease” a brand rather than spell out a bunch of details.

In some cases, sidewalk graphics may also be helpful for wayfinding and direction. If you’re holding an outdoor event, sidewalk graphics can be applied temporarily to direct traffic, guide footpaths, and help attendees navigate the location successfully. They might also be helpful on a more regular basis to direct traffic in and out of your location or to draw people into your store from a little way down the street.


What Factors Should You Keep in Mind?

Sidewalk graphics, by their very nature, will have to take a lot more wear and tear than other graphics. Like interior floor graphics, they must be durable enough to handle high volumes of foot traffic without the friction and dirt wearing away the legibility of the design. They’ll also need to be safe, which means strong adhesion without tearing and a non-slip surface.

As exterior graphics, sidewalk graphics also need to consider environmental wear and tear. They will be exposed to sun, rain, dirt, and fluctuating temperatures. All of these elements can damage graphics or make their messaging less clear. To ensure long-term readability and effectiveness, it’s important to choose materials that can handle UV exposure and weather elements without fading or scuffing instantly.

Designs for sidewalk graphics also must take these factors into account. Remember, most people won’t look closely at the ground, or at least not for more than a second or so. To capture their interest enough to pay attention to something stuck on the sidewalk, your design should be clear, concise, and catchy. If it’s being used as a branding “teaser,” try to design a piece that inspires curiosity and a sense of fun. If it’s being used for wayfinding, ensure that its text and symbol elements are easy to understand. Sidewalk graphics are almost never viewed up close; they’re usually viewed from five or six feet up, so it’s important to have visual elements that are large and clear enough to be discernible from that distance.

Priority Graphics can partner with you to create sidewalk graphics to meet any branding goals. Our team has the experience you need to design memorable graphics for exterior use. We can provide test materials to ensure that the graphics will work on your sidewalks, and we can work with you through the whole process, from design to fabrication to installation, to ensure you get the results you need.

Talk to Priority today to learn more about sidewalk graphics and how they can fit in with your overall branding strategy!


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