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Turn your company trucks into on-the-go advertisements for your brand! With truck wraps from Priority Graphics, you’ll be making tons of impressions and improving your professional image, all for an affordable price point.

What Are Truck Wraps?

Like other types of vehicle wraps, truck wraps are large-scale graphics designed to transform your company vehicles into mobile advertisements for your brand. Custom-designed and printed to order, these wraps can cover your entire truck, part of your truck, or just a few strategically placed decals. The design can completely cover the underlying paint job, or we can craft a design that blends with the existing color of the truck.

Truck wraps are an effective way to communicate your brand name and values to the public, with a high level of impressions and a great ROI. They can help create a uniform brand aesthetic, making a big impression even in a short amount of time.

How Long Do Truck Wraps Last?

At Priority Graphics, we use high-quality vinyl materials, along with durable, fade-resistant UV inks and protective lamination. With our quality materials and installation expertise, you can expect each truck wrap to last between five and seven years, depending on the climate, the wear and tear, and other factors.

Of course, you can change out your fleet’s truck wraps whenever you decide it’s time for an update! And when it’s time to uninstall, whenever that time is, count on Priority to safely remove (and replace) your truck wraps without damaging the surface underneath.

What are the Benefits of Truck Wraps?

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of cost savings and wide reach, truck wraps are the ideal graphics and marketing solution. On average, just one vehicle in your fleet can make up to 30,000 advertising impressions per day. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than other, traditional ad avenues. Truck wraps and other types of fleet graphics cost an average of $0.77 per thousand impressions. Contrast that with outdoor ads, which can cost $3.56 for the same impressions, while those same impressions garnered via TV ads can set you back around $23.70[1]!

Whether you have a whole fleet of vehicles or just one or two trucks, truck wraps can be a smart investment for any brand. What can they do for you?

  • They can grab viewers’ attention – research finds that 97% of drivers take note of vehicle graphics while on the road[2].
  • They immediately create the impression of reputability and professionalism when seen by passersby, clients, and potential clients.
  • They reach a wider audience with ease, improving brand familiarity and exposing your brand to many people in a short amount of time.
  • They make impressions that last – one study found that vehicle marketing leads to a 97% message recall, as opposed to an average 19% recall rate for stationary ads[3].
  • They can be changed out and spruced up for new promotions, new offerings, or even a total brand redesign, all within your budget.

Types of Truck Wraps

 Truck wraps come in all shapes and sizes! At Priority Graphics, our team can design and install any style of truck wrap to suit your needs.

Full wraps cover the entire body of the truck with the printed wrap. For an even “fuller” look, you can even add window perf graphics, which are printed on a special kind of vinyl to allow for designs to be visible from the exterior while the driver inside can still safely see out.

If a full wrap isn’t your style, consider a partial truck wrap instead. These wraps typically cover between 25% and 75% of the total surface area of your truck. Designed to work with the existing color of your truck (rather than covering it up entirely), these wraps can be a little subtler.

For an even more low-key look, consider cut letters, decals, and/or magnets. Each of these small-scale graphics can be installed for just a subtle branding touch.

All types of truck wraps work best when you work with an expert team of designers and installers, like the team at Priority Graphics. We’ll help you create a design that looks great when viewed from all sides, gets your message across quickly and clearly, and matches your branding. Then, we’ll install using the best materials possible, so your newly wrapped truck can withstand the elements and so the truck underneath will stay in great shape.

Talk to Priority Graphics today and learn more about how our truck wrap solutions can make a big impact on your marketing!


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