Types of Vehicle Wraps

Did you know that vehicle marketing can result in a message recall rate of up to 97%? And that’s just one of the reasons why vehicle wraps are an effective way to advertise.

At Priority Graphics, we’re experts in vehicle wraps of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Our experienced team has all the know-how and resources to turn your vehicle fleet into a high-efficiency marketing machine!

But what kind of vehicle wrap should you choose? Let’s take a look at the three most common options for vehicle wraps.

A full wrap covers the entire car, van, or truck with a custom vehicle wrap. This option puts your unique design, colors, and logo on the hood, rear, sides, and roof of your company vehicle (or even an entire fleet). For added effect, we can even add bumpers and windows for an extra eye-catching effect. These large-scale graphics are sure to grab the attention of anyone they pass on the road, and they offer plenty of space for things like logos, photos, and contact information.

Your vehicle wrap doesn’t have to involve covering your whole vehicle, though! We also offer a partial wrap option. Just like it sounds, a partial vehicle wrap involves using similar techniques as a full wrap, but only on part of a vehicle. Priority Graphics offers a variety of options, where we can cover as little as 25% of your vehicle and as much as 75%.

A partial wrap can be just as striking as a full one, although it requires a little more coordination and consideration of the existing paint color of the vehicle. Our experts can help you create a design where the transition between paint and vinyl wrap is totally seamless. It’s a great way to save on costs, especially if you’re just looking to refresh your fleet’s look or advertise a particular promotion.

For another budget-friendly option in the vehicle wraps family, consider something as simple as decals. These graphics can be applied temporarily or permanently, and we can die-cut them into any shape you want. They provide coverage over a smaller area and are great for quick, easy branding without a major transformation.

Ready to venture into the world of vehicle wraps? Your marketing strategy will never be the same again! Talk to Priority Graphics today to find the right vehicle wrap solution to give your brand a boost.

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