What to Ask Before Buying a Banner

Banners are one of the most popular types of branded graphics, and with good reason – they make a huge impression, quite literally! These large-scale graphics offer you the opportunity to take up visual space, capture audience attention, and earn a ton of brand impressions from a single, static piece.

Before you begin, there are a few key questions you should ask to ensure your banner meets all your needs.

What is the purpose of your banner?

The first question of any printed piece, including a banner, should be to fully understand its purpose. What kind of message are you hoping to convey? Who is your audience? Is the banner part of a specific campaign or geared at a particular event, or is it aimed at raising brand awareness in a more general way? What elements will the banner design have? All of these questions will affect the production of the banner, so be sure to have a clear sense of its purpose before getting started.

What size will your banner be?

The physical attributes of the banner are necessary to ensure that the design suits the purpose and location. Will your banner be large, with enormous text meant to be read from a distance outside or by fast-passing cars, or will it be a little smaller, meant to grab attention from passing pedestrians? While the dimensions typically get the most consideration, it’s important also to consider how much your banner will weigh. The banner’s weight and size will affect how it is installed and will relate to its location. Which brings us to…

Where will your banner be displayed?

Banners can be used in a wide variety of locations to advertise your brand, but different designs of banners are best suited to different locations. Consider also the weather conditions in the area, the ways in which sunlight and wind tend to impact the chosen spot, and the method of mounting or installation. Location can affect design as well. For instance, a banner meant to be hung flat against a wall might use slightly smaller print to attract the attention of people walking by and only has to be printed on one side, while a banner meant to be hung outside in an open space might use larger, quickly-readable elements and be printed on both sides.

What materials will your banner use?

The material used can make or break the effectiveness of the banner. There are two main factors to consider: the banner material, and the printing technique and ink. Most banners today use vinyl as their base material, but you can also choose from other materials, like the fabric or mesh solutions from Priority Graphics. Your team will also work with you to find the best printing solution to ensure your design is clear, vibrant, sharp, and durable, so your message makes the biggest impact possible.

Whether you’re advertising a special event, celebrating a milestone, or just reminding people about what makes your brand special, a banner from Priority Graphics can help! Talk to your Priority team today to get started on creating a banner that’s perfect for your needs.

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